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Dr. med. Theresia Altrock, Germany

New Ideas about medical treatment of Tinnitus and Morbus Meniere


Tinnitus refers to noises inside the human ear that, in most of all cases, the patient alone can perceive(subjective tinnitus).

The quality of the noises may vary to a great extent: highfrequent whistling, wideband rustling, intensive droning or humming and lots of other sounds that very often are described meticulously and impressively by patients.

It is widely believed that subjective tinnitus is caused by functional disturbances of either haircells, fibrious tissue of the auditory nerves and sections or the central auditory canal.

But , apart from that, it seems absolutely necessary to detect the initiators/reasons leading to these disturbances to enable a successful therapy of tinnitus.

To achieve a convincing and positive result with therapy it's very important to offer empathy and understanding, clear information and encouragement from the doctor's side in order to soothe the patient's strong feeling of suffering.

But , on the other hand, the existence of tinnitus teaches us, too, on the necessity of having to apply different strategies (tactics) of medical treatment simultaneously or alternatively. With regard to homeopathically orientated tinnitus therapy we already know an extensive, even though only empirically proved bibliography. This fact clearly demonstrates that this method of treatment is rather refined and individualistic and depends to a great extent on the therapist's personal and practical experiences.

Homeopathically based therapy intends to steer (guide/manipulate) individual physical regulation by applying a specific drug that matches the sick person's own manner of reacting.

Similia similibus curentur

The principle of applying similes or the law of similarities .

" Similar things can be cured by each other", was detected and made known by the founder of homeopathic medicine, professor Samuel Hahnemann (17551843) from Leipzig.

The closer the similarity is between the aspects of the case, and the aspects of the medicine (drug), the more efficiently the drug can be chosen. The unclear aetiology of tinnitus and the persistence of its symptoms often demand a combination of homeopathic technics and different other kinds of medical treatment, especially acupuncture.

To combine homoeopathics and acupuncture it's necessary to find the respective places of irritation (trouble spots) first. These have to be eliminated straight away, as they cause blockages of energy and prevent a successful working of every therapy. You can distinguish between inflammatory places of irritation, trouble spots caused by scars and toxic disturbing areas, whereas the stress caused by Amalgam denotes a special case.

All inflammations in /of the body belong here. They have to be treated. Trouble spots due to scars may hinder tire flux of energy and just have to be cleared. As to the toxic places of irritation we do not only find dental fillings with Amalgam as irritators, but also preciousmetal alloy used by dentists or synthetic materials applied in dental prothesis. When the patient shows a specific disposition these materials often provoke a contactallergy at the mucous membrane of the stoma and can appear there as severe trouble spots.

Even hearing aids that are predominantly made of plastics and , moreover, contain batteries with a high percentage of mercury, can be severe trouble spots. Itching eczema and inflammations in the auditory canals appear with those people using a tiny innerearapparatus who have developed an allergy against those materials.

It's always sensible to look for allergies when there are irritated areas concerning the head, no matter whether they refer to mouth, ears or eyes. Prefabricated test procedures for epicutan skin exist-

Intoxications caused by Amalgam or other heavy metals in the oral area can be easily tested by a specific test working with the individual saliva or with chewinggum. This procedure supplies information on the setting free of toxics by permanent emission into the saliva (saliva I) and , additionally, by abrasion due to the chewing process (saliva II).

In 'Tinnitus Forum', the magazine edited by the German Tinnitus Liga, long lists of substances suspected to cause tinnitus have already been published . It's more than striking to find some of those materials commonly used with the therapy of tinnitus in the list of this drugtelegram.

These are , especially, Calciumantagonists, Antihistaminics, Antiepileptica, Antiarrhythmica. Moreover, substances like Penicillin, Sufonamids. Erythromycin. Vancomycin and other Antibiotics and Zytostatica can result in tinnitus when prescribed in too high a dosis or being incompatible with the patient.

The medicine Aspirin = Acetylsalicylamid, which can be bought in every chemistry, was listed up here. Those substances reducing the metabolism of fat and fighting arteriosclerosis, just as well drugs against rheumatism, and for lowering bloodpressure, and those ones preventing Malaria, can all cause vertigo and loss of hearing. To these you have to add the Antidiabetica, Diuretica, Antidepressiva and last but not least, the Betareceptorblockers, prescribed as remedies against high bloodpressure. Even therapies applying hormones may cause tinnitus.

I also found problems with metabolism and the supply with blood as coinitiators of tinnitus, but only in about 34% of all cases.

Sometimes, especially with Amalgam intoxications, I found it very helpful to free the body from the toxics, so that its organs could work in a normal way again. Homeopathic detoxication with the help of highpower Mercury is effectiv, simultaneously gentle and shows much success.

With earacupuncture and homeopathy it is possible to treat depression, to regulate sleep, manipulate metabolism successfully.

Stimulated by the often rather picturesque, sometimes strange descriptions and the circumstances given by my patients concerning the sounds in their ears which frequently could be refound in medical manuals wordforword, I started to collect these 'keysymptoms' and to compare them to the homeopathic drugs. The more precise the descriptions had been, the easier was the choice of the appropriate Simile. Of course, in addition to that, you have to look for further correspondence of the medicine likely to be chosen as to physical and psychological symptoms developed by the patient .

As to acupuncture we already know relatively precise methods of testing , which originally were detected by the Frenchman Dr. Paul Nogier, namely using a polarizationfilter and a specific reflex of the pulse, the RAC (= ReflexAuriculoCardiaque), or VAS = Vascular Autonomic Signal, or in Acknowledge to Dr. Nogier just Nogier Reflex).

This describes a very characteristic change concerning the patient's pulse, which the therapist can safely identify after some practice.

Very helpful computersoftware is being offered for the timespending procedure of finding the appropriate drug, but much more effective prove to be the personal conversation between doctor and patient, the perceptions of the sick person's total personality, his outer appearance, his gestures, how he presents himself by words and habits, how he copes with his disease, whether he feels 'accepted' with his illness and gains confidence and trust, whether the doctor is able to sympathize with his complaints and mirrors confidence.

I created a computerprogram containing about 930 symptoms appearing with tinnitus and the related homeopathic medicine taken from several famous works. This has proved to be more than helpful as to homeopathic diagnosis.

In my book "Tinnitus Causes and Their Treatment" published by Techau Verlag, I analysed and interpreted nine different categories of causalities, of which some patients showed five to six simultaneously what, consequently, required a longer period of treatment.

The categories listed up here , logically, do not ask for completeness, they are just those ones appearing most (see folio 1).

These are :

1 . allergies (including Amalgam)

2. dental problems (dead teeth, wisdomteeth, granuloms)

3. diseases of the vertebral column

4. ototoxic causes ( toxic effects due to given drugs)

5. metabolistic diseases ( diabetes, arthritis, arteriosclerosis).

6.Trouble spots due to scars ( especially deep ones or Cesariansection ones)

7.sudden loss of hearing or explosiontrauma (with soldiers, too, front shooting)

8. disturbances concerning hormones, caused by taking Östrogenes or others.

9. disturbances as to bloodsupply.

And here the results (see folio 2):

The therapies working with homeopathy and acupuncture should be added to the allopathically orientated therapies of tinnitus, because they enable the latter to be even more effective when everything else has been tried out before. Both methods are completely harmless , without any dangerous sideeffects, treat the whole person and not only some of his parts. This, too, can be said of the therapy of Morbus Menière. Due to auriculomedicine we know innocuous methods of detecting disturbing areas and of diagnosis. Therapy working with needles or Laser is neither stressful nor painful for the patient. Mostly it's unnecessary to prescribe medicine.

The new methods of eliminating allergies by means of using the pyramidenergy with the points of ear-acupuncture, even offer more aspects of hope for successfully curing both tinnitus and Morbus Menière because here allergies seem to be the major trouble makers.

Pyramidenergy comprises biophysical therapies of allergies, with the help of which allergic reactions can be neutralised by making use of electromagnetic vibrations.

Dear colleagues and lady colleagues! I'd like to close my lecture now, hoping to have convinced you of the existence of still numerous therapies for Tinnitus and Morbus Menière and of the fact that it is very rewarding to get to know and train these in order to help our patients.


The summary of my abstract introduces a new concept of treatment for Tinnitus aurium. More than 1200 people have been treated with a combined method of Ear-acupuncture and Homeopathy. All of them have suffered from this disease for years and couldn´t find cure by conventionell y treatment.

The tecnique of medical checkup is discribed. The search for interfering-fields by using Ear-acupuncture as well as the elimination of interfering-factors is stressed as an absulute necessity for a successful treatment. The detailed homeopathic anamneses uses key-symptoms which are jux-taposed with drugs from various homeopathic repertories using the RAC (reflex- auriculo-cardiaque or pulsreflex by Dr. Nogiér in Lyon, France) to find the simile.

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