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Dr. med. Theresia Altrock, Germany

New Ideas about medical treatment of Tinnitus and Morbus Meniere

Tinnitus refers to noises inside the human ear that, in most cases, the patient alone can perceive. It is the subjective tinnitus. The nature of the noises may vary to a great extent: high frequent whistling, wide-band rustling, intensive droning or humming and lots of other sounds, that can very often be described in great detail by the patient.

Wide belief

It is widely believed that subjective tinnitus is caused by functional disturbances of either hair-cells, fibrous tissue of the auditory nerves and selections or the central auditory canal.

Most necessary

It is most necessary to detect the initiators or reasons leading to these disturbances to enable a successful therapy of the tinnitus.

Empathy and understanding

If a convincing and positiv result is to be achieved by therapy the doctor must approach each case with empathy and understanding. The patient must receive clear information and encouragement in order to alleviate their feelings discomfort and suffering. This is time consuming and presents difficulties for many therapist using the current standard treatment for treating tinnitus.

On the other hand the cure for tinnitus necessitates the application of different strategies (tactics) for medical treatment simultaneously or alternatively. Homeopathically orientated tinnitus therapy is already known extensively even though only by empirically proved biography. This fact clearly demonstrates that this method of treatment in very individualistic and depends to a great extend on the therapist´s personal practical experience, an relationships with the patient. Homeopathically based therapy tends to direct (guide/manipulate) individual physical reaction by applying a specific drug that matches the sick person´s own manner of responding.

Similar similibus curentur

The principle of applying similes or the law of similarities.

„Similar things can be cured by each other“, was detected and made known by the founder of homeopathic medicine, professor Samuel Hahnemann (1755 - 1843) of Leipzig. The closer the similiarity is between the individual´s case and the effective medicine (drug), the more effective the outcome. The unclear aetiology of tinnitus and the persistance of the symptoms often demand a combination of homeopathic options and various medical treatments particularly acupuncture.

Combining homeopathy and acupuncture

When combining homeopathy and acupuncture it is necessary to identify the correctly sources of irritation (trouble spots) first. These have to be eliminated as soon as possible as they cause blockages of energy and prevent the successful working of the therapy. Identifying the sources of irritation (trouble spots) caused by scars and toxic areas is important here. The stress caused by Amalgam denotes a special case.


A significant number of trouble spots stem from this source. By deflecting the energy lines they induce a range of symptoms and the original cause rather than these symptoms must be tackled. Although Amalgam is the main culprit other metal alloys or synthetic materials used by dentist may not suit the patient. These materials often provoke a contact allergy and the mucous membrane of stomach may be affected.


Similar phenomina may be detected with spectacles (glasses) made of materials that are incompatible with the patient. Sometimes this is due to the spectacle frames where they touch the nose. They may be the cause of headaches, eye ache, dermatitis on the nose, obstipation, permanent running of the nose or chronic inflammation of the nasal cavities. Fortunately offending materials can be easily exchanged for a material, which is compatible with the individual (Buffalo horn, carapace, perlmutter, or plastics)

Hearing aids

Hearing aids, that are predominantly made of plastics but contain batteries with a high percentage of mercury can be severe trouble spots. Itching, eczema or arid inflammations in the auditory canal may appear among those using a tiny inner-ear-apparatus, if they have developed an allergy.

It is always sensible to look for allergies when there are irritated areas around the head, no matter whether they refer to mouth, ears or eyes.


Before the replacement of glasses, the elimination of dental fillings, caps or prothesises, a detailed diagnosis with the help of such a test should be made in order to ensure successful exchange of the material . Then the specialist adapting the hearing aid will know straight away which material is suitable. The optician will be able to suggest a spectacle frame that can be used. The dentist will know which substances to appoy after the elimination of the Amalgam fillings. Accordingly, this enables the creation of an estimate for health insurance. Even alloys based on gold have to be tested when patients are known to suffer from allergic dispositions.

Toxicity when caused by Amalgam or other heavy metals in the oral area can be easily tested by a test with an individual`s saliva, and with chewing gum. This procedure supplies information for setting free of toxics by permanent emission into the saliva.

Substances suspected to cause tinnitus

In „Tinnitus Forum“, the magazine edited by the German Tinnitus Liga, long lists of substances suspected to cause tinnitus have already been published (see TF I/90, p.14 ff, and TF II/91 p 10 ff). It`s more than striking to find some of those materials commonly used with the therapy of tinnitus in the list of this drug telegram. These are particularly Calcium antagonists, Antihistamines, Antiepileptica and Antiarrhythmica. Moreover substances like Penicillin, Sulfonamids, and Erythromycin, Vancomycin and other Antibiotica and Zytostatica can result to tinnitus when prescribed in too high a dose or if incompatible with the patient.


The medicine Aspirin (Acetylsalicylamid), which can be bought in every Chemist, substances reducing the metabolism of fat and fighting arteriosclerosis, as well as drugs against rheumatism, for lowering blood-pressure, plus those ones preventing Malaria, can all cause vertigo and loss of hearing. To these you have to add the Antidiabetica, Diuretica and Antidepressiva, and last not least, the Betareceptorenblockers, prescribed as remedies against high blood pressure. Even therapies applying hormones may cause tinnitus.

In a small percentage of cases, 3-4%, metabolism and supply of blood may be coinitiators of tinnitus.

Homeopathic detoxification (Description in German here)

Sometimes, especially with Amalgam toxicity, I have found it very helpful to free the body from the toxins, so that its organs may work more normally. Homeopathic detoxification with the help of high power Mercury solubilis is effective, gentle and demonstrates a high level of success.

Treating psyche

With ear-Acupuncture and homeopathy it is possible to treat depression, to regulate sleep, manipulate metabolism successfully.


With regard to acupuncture we already have relatively precise methods of testing, which originally were detected by the Frenchman Dr. Paul Nogièr, namely using a polarisationfilter and a specifis reflex of the pulse, the RAC (Reflex Auriculo-Cardiaque), also called VAS.

This describes a very characteristic change concerning the patient`s pulse, which the therapist can safely identify after some practice.

Very helpful computer software is being offered to alleviate the time wasting procedure of finding the appropriate drug, but much more effective is the interaction between doctor and patient. The understanding of the sick person´s total personality, their personal appearence, gestures, how thex present themselves, both physically and verbaly, and their method of soping with the disease are key factors. If they feel their illness has been accepted and the doctor is able to gain their confidence and trust, then demonstrate empathy and mirror confidence, good progress can be made.

I have created a computer programm containing about 330 symptoms appearing with tinnitus and the related homeopathic mdicines taken from several famous works. This has proved to be more than helpful as to homeopathic diagnosis (Maybe published in English in the future).

Nine categories of causes

In my book „Tinnitus ganzheitlich behandelt mit Homeopathie und Akupunktur, published in 1993 by Haug-Verlag,Heidelberg, I analyzed and interpreted nine categories, of which some patients showed five to six simultaneously this consequently, required a longer period of treatment.

The categories identified here, logically do not comprise a complete list, just most common. They are (in order of frequency):

1. Allergies (including Amalgam)

2. Dental problems (dead teeth, wisdom teeth, granuloms)

3. Disease of the vertebral column

4. Ototoxic causes (toxic effects due to drugs)

5. Metabolistic disease (diabetes, arthritis,arteriosclerosis)

6. Trouble spots due to scars (especially from Caesarian -section)

7. Sudden Loss of hearing or explosion-trauma (soldiers from gunfire)

8. Disturbances concernimg hormones, caused by taking Ostrogenes.

9. Disturbances to the blood-supply.

Morbus Meniere

Therapies using homeopathy and acupuncture should be added to the allopathically orientated therapies, as they enable the latter to be even more effective when everything else has been tried. Both methods are completely harmless, without any dangerous side effects and treat the whole person. This, too, can be said of the therapy for Morbus Meniere. Due to auriculo-medicine we know innocuous methods of detecting disturbed areas and diagnosis. Therapy working with needles or Laser-light is neither stressful nor painful for the patient. Often it´s unnecessary to prescribe other medication.

Erasing allergies

Other new methods of eliminating allergies, by means of using pyramid-energy, with the points of ear-acupuncture, offer even more hope for the successful cure of both,Tinnitus and Morbus Meniere, because allergies seem to be the major troublemakers. Pyramid-energy comprises biophysical therapies to allergies, with the help of which allergic reactions can be neutralized by making use of electromagnetic vibrations and inversion.

These methods are explained in my book "Tinnitus Causes and Their Treatment" published by Techau Verlag.

Dear colleagues, I may close now, hoping I have convinced you of the existence of still more numerous therapies for Tinnitus and Morbus Meniere.

I thank you for listening.

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